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My life

My life

Thirteen years ago, I was born in Annemassein december the fifteenth. Then, i went to live in thoiry with my parents and my sister.  I lived in thoiry for six years.After these 6 years I went to live in Prvessin. And now, i am still living there and i use to go 

My best holiday

Five years ago,  i went to mauritus and it's was very funny. Every day I went to the beach, the weather was sunny and warm.One day i visited Mauritus.I really enjoyed these holidays. Three years I went to united state i visted new york and los angeles and finally I stayed and visited san francisco. I  enjoyed my holydays. Every year I went to Spain in Barcelona to see my family so it's very important and fuuny at the same time.

My school

My school is quite big and I spend  good  and bad time but most of my teachers are nice.I have  friends and a good class with a good atmosphere and my I'm not very hardworking at schoo. I'm a little lazy because i prefer to play video games all the day.

My hobbies

I love playing with my computer and watching tv because it's fun.I played tennis and hand ball but I don't like to do my homework.

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